Resources For Our Features

Have you been invited to feature at pi-New Haven

Here’s what to expect.

Congratulations on being invited to read at pi-New Haven! Feature poets are selected  by the co-chairs (usually in the Fall of the previous year) to feature in one of our ten available slots.

Features are selected by invitation only. Why? We look at our annual lineup holistically.  We are aiming for a diverse mix of voices, each of whom will resonate with our core audience and complement our philosophy of “sharing our work in good company in a comfortable environment”.

If you have been invited it’s because we believe our audience will like your work and therefore are more likely to show their support by purchasing a copy of your book.  Along with the other invited poets, you represent a lineup that stands out as unique and compelling so pi-New Haven continues to grow its audience.

Once invited, we ask interested poets for the following information asap:

  1. A preferred month and an alternate month as we are slotting poets across the year and need to know where our flexibiliy is.
  2. The following for the website and press:
    1. A short 1-10 line bio included in the body of an email (no attachments and no docx). Tip:  Focus on offering a brief and compelling statement of why our audience should come to hear you read. Too often we receive a poets attempt at including  their full curriculum vitae of every journal they’ve ever been published in. Consider instead including a snippet of a quote from someone who has endorsed your work.  Or include a statement about your links to New Haven or Connecticut. Something that tells our participants who you are and what makes your readings stand out.
    2. URLs to your personal website, any journals you are editor of, your books listing on Amazon etc.
    3. A .jpg photo less than 200 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall

We will include the above information in various combinations and forms for the following:

  • A annual pi-New Haven website listing of the year’s lineup
  • The email announcement to local press, online lists and yahoo groups and other open mic venue coordinators (about 1 month prior to your reading)
  • pi-New Haven’s monthly blog announcing that month’s feature (about 3 weeks prior)
  • The email announcement to our pi-New Haven email list (about 1-2 weeks prior)
  • Various other websites, social media (facebook etc) and organizations (e.g. events listings)  (timing varies)
  • The end of year wrap up where we thank you and remind our followers to check out your websites and consider purchasing your books.

Just prior to your reading we will confirm your reading and email you with specifics on the location, parking information and a contact number in case there is an issue or you have questions.

During the year we invest in general advertising about the series at local and regional poetry events. If you have suggestions please let us know.  We want to be sure to reach audiences interested in your work.

What to expect at the reading and what to bring:

Please be sure to arrive in time for the open mic! We want the evening to be a pleasant experience for all of our participants (so they keep coming back!). We kick off the evening with an open mic where our readers share ONE of their poems with all of us.  You’ll have time during the wine and cheese break to chat with the open mic participants about their work.

Don’t forget to bring  20 minutes of your poems! We ask features to time their readings to 20 minutes.  After your reading the host introducing you will ask the audience if they have any questions.  Most revolve around what music or poetry you listen to and read. How you go about editing your work and what your latest projects are.

Please bring copies of your books and chapbooks for sale (and change to break a few fresh from the ATM $20s!) Include a few sample copies of the Anthologies or Journals you edit. We put them out at the beginning of the evening so participants can browse through them and select which they might want to purchase.  Many of our participants will purchase your books at the end of the evening and expect you to sign their copy. Also bring flyers and business cards for your poetry events and services for our audience.

Lastly, if you haven’t already emailed it to us prior to the reading, please bring a printed copy of your Favorite Poem by a well known poet which is publically available on a website. It might be read at the open mic and then referenced on our Favorite poem page on the website as your recommendation to our extended audience. We do not publish entire poems (especially if we cannot confirm the poet has published it yet.) We will publish excerpts or link to the poets website, etc.

  • We will suppy water but if you prefer something else you may want to bring it or let us know ahead of time.


Timing your reading with your book launch: If you’ve scheduled your reading to coincide with a book launch (which we recommend) please be sure to add a sufficient buffer in case the publication is delayed.  If delays mean your book will not be available for your reading, please let us know asap.  We may be able to coordinate a shift in months with another poet scheduled later in the year.  We make no guarantees but we want to help you sell your books. Note that to keep our reading fresh we wait 20 months before considering poets to feature again, so it’s better to let us know and try to reschedule.

Are you an educator at the college or high school level? Pi-New Haven is committed to fostering emerging voices. Let us know if you are going to bring students.  Even if they say they aren’t going to read in the open mic, they may change their mind once they arrive. We recommend bringing a copy of some of their poems if you have them, just in case.  Better yet: Consider having a student be your opening act by reading one or two of their poems. (we’ll even add their name to the announcements if you let us know in time!).

Thank you again for adding pi-New Haven to your reading tour! We look forward to working with you towards our mutual benefit!